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There was a recent article written in the local Tucson newspaper that talked about a local well-known HVAC company that was facing consumer fraud charges.

Tucson heating and cooling
Nathan & Leasa, Managers Kent Mechanical

The article tells about practices that involve scare tactics, upselling and false safety warnings. It also talks about how employees will often times falsely represent their employers.

I started wondering about if there was an article written about Kent Mechanical, what would the headline read?

From the thank you notes and repeat business I’m sure it would read something like this: “Local HVAC business does not lower integrity to raise profits.”

Because of today’s current market, everyone is watching the bottom line. At Kent Mechanical we give valued advice, repairs, suggestions and answers with your budget in mind.

At times, you may need to repair and make equipment last until your budget allows a complete change out.  We will always work with you to help you get the results you need at a price that you can afford.

Our goal is not to make money by creating emergencies but to serve your heating and cooling needs. 


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