Help Your Tucson Air Conditioning Unit Run Efficiently

With the summer time heading our way it is time to think about the air conditioning or cooling system for your home and business.

tucson air conditioning Refrigerant, also known as Freon, is the gas that transfers heat in the AC system.  When this vital gas is low in your unit, it causes many problems including loss of cooling ability, coil freezing up, and reduced efficiency and internal wear.

The EPA has been phasing out R-22 for a few years. Most recently the increase in supplier prices have more than doubled and HVAC companies have passed the additional cost onto their customers.

Freon is measured in pounds  like gasoline is measured in gallons.  We all know that fuel has different prices depending on where you go.  We check prices before we fill up our vehicle, you should also check prices for R-22.  Check also the total cost of the service call in addition to the refrigerant per pound cost.

Kent Mechanical is committed to serving Tucson and its surrounding areas with competitive, honest and fair prices.  If you have been told there is a leak in your system and needs refrigerant added,  be sure to find out where the leak is, can it be repaired or will the leak continue?

Before you spend your hard earned money, be sure that you trust the Tucson HVAC company you are using.  Call Kent Mechanical for service that is proven, trusted and reliable.  We have been serving Southern Arizona since 1983.


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