Beautiful Weather

While many in the United States are facing snow and crazy storms, we here in southern Arizona are ready for adventures in the beautiful weather! Now don’t go and forget to service your HVAC system. Our crazy weather is coming too! We are know for the crazy hot summertime. Kent Mechanical will get your system ready to perform its’ best. Call us today to get on a regular bi- annual preventative maintenance cycle. Cancel anytime….no lengthy contracts and prepaid programs here.

Help Your Tucson Air Conditioning Unit Run Efficiently

With the summer time heading our way it is time to think about the air conditioning or cooling system for your home and business.

tucson air conditioning Refrigerant, also known as Freon, is the gas that transfers heat in the AC system.  When this vital gas is low in your unit, it causes many problems including loss of cooling ability, coil freezing up, and reduced efficiency and internal wear.

The EPA has been phasing out R-22 for a few years. Most recently the increase in supplier prices have more than doubled and HVAC companies have passed the additional cost onto their customers.

Freon is measured in pounds  like gasoline is measured in gallons.  We all know that fuel has different prices depending on where you go.  We check prices before we fill up our vehicle, you should also check prices for R-22.  Check also the total cost of the service call in addition to the refrigerant per pound cost.

Kent Mechanical is committed to serving Tucson and its surrounding areas with competitive, honest and fair prices.  If you have been told there is a leak in your system and needs refrigerant added,  be sure to find out where the leak is, can it be repaired or will the leak continue?

Before you spend your hard earned money, be sure that you trust the Tucson HVAC company you are using.  Call Kent Mechanical for service that is proven, trusted and reliable.  We have been serving Southern Arizona since 1983.


Tucson Heating Repair – Are You Ready For The Cold Weather?

Winter is coming fast to the Tucson area. Is your heating unit ready to take on the colder weather?Tucson heating repair

Proper inspection and maintenance of your heating unit will save you both time and money. The most cost effective way to do this is with a maintenance plan.

When you invest in a Performance Plus Maintenance Plan, Kent Mechanical will:

  • Clean or replace filters
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Lubricate bearings as required
  • Inspect for gas leaks at furnace.
  • Check flue pipes.
  • Check sequence of operation.
  • Clean/adjust pilot assembly as needed.
  • Adjust burner for efficiency.
  • Adjust pressure regulator as required.
  • Check voltage to unit with multimeter.
  • Check air flow.
  • Test for carbon monoxide.

A maintenance plan with Kent Mechanical can save you from dealing with the frustration of a broken heater and not to mention costly repair bills. Call us today to get started with your Performance Plus Maintenance Plan…520-628-1163.

Kent Mechanical – A Heating and Air Conditioning Company You Can Trust

There was a recent article written in the local Tucson newspaper that talked about a local well-known HVAC company that was facing consumer fraud charges.

Tucson heating and cooling
Nathan & Leasa, Managers Kent Mechanical

The article tells about practices that involve scare tactics, upselling and false safety warnings. It also talks about how employees will often times falsely represent their employers.

I started wondering about if there was an article written about Kent Mechanical, what would the headline read?

From the thank you notes and repeat business I’m sure it would read something like this: “Local HVAC business does not lower integrity to raise profits.”

Because of today’s current market, everyone is watching the bottom line. At Kent Mechanical we give valued advice, repairs, suggestions and answers with your budget in mind.

At times, you may need to repair and make equipment last until your budget allows a complete change out.  We will always work with you to help you get the results you need at a price that you can afford.

Our goal is not to make money by creating emergencies but to serve your heating and cooling needs. 


Tucson HVAC Specialists – Customized Work For Our Clients

Here at Kent Mechanical we take pride in all the jobs that we do. As HVAC specialists we have a complete metal shop where we Tucson HVAC repaircustom fabricate all jobs.

Your can see Chet over to the right creating a 10 foot break to fabricate a large duct.

Having a metal shop where customize the work for our clients is important to use because…

1. There isn’t any time wasted waiting for parts.

2. Doing it ourselves saves money and we pass those savings on to you, our clients.

So whether you are a commercial business in the Tucson area in need of a complete HVAC installation or a home owner that needs a simple repair or maintenance, Kent Mechanical is your solution for your heating and air conditioning needs.

Call us today…520-628-1163.

Is Your HVAC Unit Suffering This Summer?

Have you ever been outside, all hot and sweaty and then a dust devil comes by and the dirt sticks to your skin?Tucson HVAC service

This is how your outdoor condensing coil feels!

Regular rinsing at least once per year with a garden hose will be sufficient to keep it clean.  You don’t always need a chemical cleaning which Kent Mechanical can provide.

It’s important to remember that caring for your coil maximizes efficiency and saves you tons of money in the long run.

When the humidity is high during the Tucson summer months, the indoor coil will act as a dehumidifier and you may notice more condensate runoff than usual.  It is important to have a clear condensate drain to insure correct drainage.

If your HVAC unit is not cooling like it used to…or there is water leaking around the unit or the wall give us a call.  We’ll quickly diagnose and fix the problem…520-628-1163