Tucson HVAC Specialists – Customized Work For Our Clients

Here at Kent Mechanical we take pride in all the jobs that we do. As HVAC specialists we have a complete metal shop where we Tucson HVAC repaircustom fabricate all jobs.

Your can see Chet over to the right creating a 10 foot break to fabricate a large duct.

Having a metal shop where customize the work for our clients is important to use because…

1. There isn’t any time wasted waiting for parts.

2. Doing it ourselves saves money and we pass those savings on to you, our clients.

So whether you are a commercial business in the Tucson area in need of a complete HVAC installation or a home owner that needs a simple repair or maintenance, Kent Mechanical is your solution for your heating and air conditioning needs.

Call us today…520-628-1163.

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